Applied Science

  • Advisor to governments, First Nations and industry

  • Policy advice for environmental laws and regulations

  • Independent analysis of existing policy issues

  • Development of fisheries management plans

  • Fish habitat assessments in all aquatic environments

  • Fisheries acoustics surveying and data analysis

  • Fisheries and benthic invertebrate sampling

  • Environmental Effects Monitoring

  • Senior review of environmental assessment

  • Statistical data analysis and quantitative modelling

  • Study design and methodology risk assessment

  • Gap analysis and literature review 

Selected Recent Projects

A Science-based Approach to Assessing the Response of Ecosystem Function to impacts on Ecosystem Components

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat, 2014

Participation and co-authorship on the CSAS meeting and Research Document on designing ecological risk criteria for integrated oceans management under the Oceans Act.


Design of a Fisheries Production Model for the Joslyn Creek Mine

Total E&P Canada Ltd., 2014

Conceptualization, design, parameterization and presentation to regulatory agency of a model to estimate fisheries production in the Oil Sands region from habitat data: 

  • Model currently with a patent pending

  • Project in partnership with Golder and Associates


Senior Review of the Obed Mine Spill in the Athabasca River

Management and Solutions in Environmental Science, 2014

Reviewed monitoring plans, preliminary data and impact assessment from the Obed Mine spill into the Athabasca River near Hinton, AB with MSES for their client, the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation: 

  • Estimating uncertainty and statistical power of proposed monitoring methods and preliminary results

  • Include recommendations for follow up monitoring programs and data analysis


Managing Risk in Operational Decisions of the Fisheries Protection Program

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat, 2013

Participation and co-authorship on the CSAS meetings on implementing the 2012 Fisheries Act, including preparation sole authorship of two DFO Research Documents: 

  • Estimating residual impacts under the Fisheries Protection Program using biological indicators and impact attributes

  • Promising indicators of fisheries productivity for the Fisheries Protection Program assessment framework


Offsetting Techniques for Managing the Productivity of Freshwater Fisheries

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat, 2013

Participation and co-authorship on the CSAS meetings on implementing the 2012 Fisheries Act.


​A Guide to Fish Habitat Loss and Gain Accounting Methods
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2012
The research and writing of a review of the quantitative and qualitative fish habitat accounting methods used to estimate no-net-loss under the Fisheries Act. The report also included recommendations on how to create a standardized framework for fish habitat assessment in Canada.

Literature and Expert Review: Great Lakes Region Climate Change
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2012
The research, writing and project management of a review of climate change related research on the expected limnological and hydrological changes in Canadian freshwaters with a focus on the Laurentian Great Lakes watersheds.

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