2015-12-04 - I will be starting as an Assistant Professor (Status-Only) at the University of Toronto in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology on January 1st. I am looking forward to contributing to this great department, continuing the long-standing tradition of collaboration between the MNRF and UofT, and working with graduate students on exciting research. Thank you to EEB and UofT for welcoming me.


2015-11-01 - Lucy Ellis is joining Dr. Cindy Chu and I as a Biologist in our section to work on getting scientific products out to publication from the provincial broad-scale monitoring program. She is completing spatial and statistical analyses as well as writing up the results. We are happy to welcome her to the team!


2015-09-14 - Starting my new position today as a Research Scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in the Aquatic Research and Monitoring Section. Excited to be joining this wonderful group and working on important aquatic issues to Ontarians.


2015-09-12 - Wrapping up an acoustic survey on Noell Lake near Inuvik. Thank you to Ben Kissinger and his crew of William Day and Charlie Kileen, for letting me join them as they study Lake Trout in lakes around the Mackenzie Delta. 

















2015-08-29 - Our paper on measuring the swimming speed of fish schools with acoustic beams is out! Published by Fisheries Research.


2015-08-16 - First day of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in Portland, OR! I'm looking forward to all the talks and am speaking myself on Tuesday on how to estimate the relative abundance of different fish species within communities. Come see my talk (with Stephanie Mogensen from the University of Calgary) entitled "HSI-API Approach: partitioning fish community productivity".


2015-07-07 - Our paper on how wind causes massive redistributions of organisms in lakes and the implications of the mass movement to trophic relationships is out! Published in CJFAS!


2015-06-05 - "Design of Ecological Risk Criteria for the Integrated Management of Canadian Oceans" published by the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat!


2015-04-15 - "Estimating fish exploitation and aquatic habitat loss across diffuse inland recreational fisheries" published in PLoS ONE!


2015-01-27 - "Censoring government scientists and the role of consensus in science advice" published in EMBO Reports: Science and Society!


2015-01-24 - My federal research document, as part of a canadian science advisory process, is out! It discussed promising indicators of productivity that could be used under the Fisheries Protection Program which is the implementation of the revised federal Fisheries Act. Get it here!


2014-12-30 - Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! It was an eventful year of getting lots of projects off the ground. Coming this year will be a great deal of work on inland fisheries productivity with interesting collaborations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, industrial developers and the Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services.


2014-10-16 - Mike Rennie and my paper on the "dos and donts" of muzzling federal scientists has been accepted with minor revisions in EMBO Reports: Science and Society! We are very much looking forward to contributing positively to this debate in Canada.


2014-09-16 - Meeting in Toronto to prepare the "The seasonal variation in size-spectrum slopes within lakes and the capacity to detect environmental change" AFS talk for a publication in a Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences special issue of the symposium.


2014-08-22 - In Montreal for a meeting of the Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services. Fantastic seminar by Roland Cormier on the process of science advice, and we role-played a regulatory scenario of land-use management of the European Union's northern marine territories. 


2014-08-19 - Gave two talks back to back today at AFS 2014:  "Habitat loss under the invisible collapse of recreational fisheries" and "The seasonal variation in size-spectrum slopes within lakes and the capacity to detect environmental change". Thank you to all those who attended. 


2014-08-13 - En route to ESA 2014 in Sacremento. Getting there late due to field work, but luckily my talk, “Making it to school: As prey individuals form groups the change in patch densities creates uncommon predator-prey functional responses”, was scheduled for the last day's morning session in the Behaviour: Migration and Movement series. See those not suffering from conference fatigue (or other related types of fatigue) there!


2014-08-12 - Finished a wonderful survey on Lake Aishihik in a new partnership with Chris Jastrebski at Ecological Logistics and Research Ltd, Yukon Energy Corp., and with assistance from the Champagne-Aishihik First Nations. We surveyed the lake for fish biomass and spatial distributions, but also to extend our size-spectrum comparisons across the country into northern regions. The lake is full of whitefish and lake trout, and was a joy to be on. 

















2014-04-23 - Two symposium talks accepted for AFS 2014 in Quebec City and one contributed talk at ESA 2014 in Sacremento. See you there!


2014-03-30 - Finalized both Research Documents commissioned by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for managing and measuring risks and residual impacts under  the Fisheries Act (2012)


2014-02-25 - "The Harper Approach to Science is Holding us Back" is published in iPolitics Policy section. 


2014-02-07 - The official release of Predator/Prey, a double concept album on wildlife in Canada, which is a Science-Art (#sciart) collaboration with J.A. Phipps, and was performed with Carrie Phipps, Scott Everingham and Brian Moyer.


2014-02-01 -  "The Length of Environmental Review in Canada under the Fisheries Act" I coauthored with Ken Minns and Brian Shuter is the most read paper in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in 2013. Thank you to CJFAS and readers.


2014-01-15 - Interviewed by Maggie Reid on CHRY FM 105.5 News Now about the state of Canadian science. Thank you Maggie for a very interesting interview.


2014-01-11 - Successfully defended my doctoral thesis from the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. Thank you Lars Rudstam and Helene Cyr for examining me and providing useful edits for the final version.

2013-12-17 - Interviewed by John Dupuis in his wonderful blog "Confessions of a Science Librarian" in his Canadian Science Policy Advocate Interviews. Honoured to be interviewed alongside with Sarah Boon, Scott Findlay and Kennedy Stewart.


2013-11-12 - "The Open Data Effect: A Tool to Keep Governments Honest", I coauthored with J.A. Phipps is published in iPolitics Science Advocacy Series. Thank you to Sarah Boon for including us. 


2013-09-01 - Featured in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Arts and Science 2013 Year in Review.


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